Are Puppies Primed to Understand Human Gestures?

Dr. Emily Bray's new study of 375 puppies from Canine Companions for Independence, entitled "Early-emerging and Highly Heritable Sensitivity to Human Communication in Dogs", has received coverage from diverse media outlets, including Smithsonian Magazine, New Scientist,... continue reading

Can Very Young Puppies Comprehend Human Gestures?

Scientific American's 60-Second Science Podcast interviews Dr. Emily Bray about her work with puppies at Canine Companions for Independence. Puppies Understand You Even at a Young Age, Most Adorable Study of the Year Confirms

Is social intelligence genetically hardwired in dogs?

Science Magazine talks to Dr. Evan MacLean about research at Canine Companions for Independence that is revealing the influence of genetics on puppies' social intelligence. These adorable puppies may help explain why dogs understand our body language

The Functional Breeding Podcast

The Functional Breeding Podcast interviews Dr. Emily Bray to talk about her research on the effects of different styles of maternal care on the adult personalities of dogs. The Functional Breeding Podcast

Can Wolves Play Fetch?

NPR and Science Magazine interview Evan after study conducted at Stockholm University show some wolf pups chase and retrieve a ball thrown by the experimenter. NPR: “Fetching With Wolves: What It Means That A Wolf Puppy Will Retrieve A Ball” Science: “Watch wolf puppies stun scientists by playing fetch”