Dr. MacLean comments on the genetic basis for some personality traits that may influence dog behavior. This is evidence that dog breeds really do have distinct personalities, as this article in Science Magazine summarizes.

A Different Perspective On Brains

"How Human Smarts Evolved". In this article from the Atlantic, Dr. MacLean is quoted talking about a new way to look at brain size and how it relates to intelligence. 

Wolf Research at the WSC

In this Star Tribune article, learn about what our graduate students are doing at the Wildlife Science Center working with hand-raised wolf puppies to figure out what makes these wild animals so different from our household pets."What Separates Dogs and Wolves? Researchers Journey to Anoka County to Find Out" 

Evan interviewed for Popular Science piece on animal cognition

"Seven creatures with skills that easily beat humans," published in the Spring 2018 Intelligence issue of Popular Science, discusses animal cognition research, including Evan's work with primates and dogs. 

Evan's study of oxytocin, vasopressin, and aggression covered by National Geographic

National Geographic article "Why Are Some Dogs More Aggressive?" covers Evan's study of the influence of oxytocin and vasopressin on canine social behavior and aggression.